Lobby & Lounge


Inspiring, theatrical and grand, the lobby of any hotel is by definition the space that forms the first and strongest impression in a hotel's interior. Holding on to this thought, we aim at creating an awe-inspiring impression to be remembered for generations.

Dining Areas


A luxurious fine-dine experience is a blend of bespoke furniture that exudes a layered, sophisticated feel amidst the active environment of every dining room. We work with a number of different materials and put together this sophisticated array of furniture that is built to last through the years and never go out of style.


Banquet Halls


Banquet halls demand a touch of royalty for they serve as venues to milestone celebrations and occasions. From dramatic wall and ceiling designs to plush flooring to  elegant yet built-to-last furniture, we create the perfect setting for our clients and their guests alike.

Guest Rooms & Suites


Residential spaces are incorporating design cues from high-end hotel schemes whilst hospitality interiors are creating more intimate spaces, yet still maintaining a highly luxurious feel. We aim maintaining the luxury through our time-honoured furniture for guest rooms and suites which are manufactured with fine quality material to last for years.

Guest Floor Corridors


The design of hallways, corridors, and entryways sometimes requires an extra effort than the rest of the hotel. On the one hand the design of these walk-through rooms must fit into the overall style of the hotel. On the other hand the interior of the hallways should be functional. We, therefore, combine function and aesthetics to meet the design concept with beautifully crafted consoles, laser-cut or polished paneling, architaves and a lot more that defines the individuality of these corridors.

Night Clubs & Bar Areas


New age night club designs showcase the latest in design and technology. Hotel bar designs are also upfront where bars have gone to the next level in innovation and subtly genius design.  Utilising modern techniques, we make these design come alive and deliver a lasting impression that become legendary to visitors 

Cafe & Retail


Every brand name sports a signature style in their outlets and cafes, be it in the interior design or the overall architecture. With the use of quality materials, we redefine function and blend it with the signature style of the brand to recreate a new experience for patrons everytime.

Spa & Fitness


A refuge for the body and the spirit, in a harmonious atmosphere that fosters the quest for balance, we work towards creating the elements of contemporary wellness in a setting at once sumptuous and elegant. Our meticulous craftmanship and carefully sourced materials best suited for the tranquility of a Spa and the invigorating environment of a Gym unite to create luxurious surroundings that instill a sense of equilibrium.

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