Our Process


Head of the cost centre as explained above is assisted by employees specializing in the area of his function related to the cost along with the participation of Finance Department. A Flow chart is devised which is then circulated amongst all the Functional Heads, keeping all the functional staff apprised of their activities.

Quality Management

Our highly experienced personnel take due care at all stages of execution of the work, starting with procurement, shop floor level and execution of the work at site so as to comply with the requirements of the clients as enumerated in the tender documents.

Information Management

A co-ordination Committee of Departmental / functional Heads periodically meets to take stock of the various activities; corrective action is taken whenever so required. Financial and cost reports are vetted accordingly. Weekly meetings are conducted on intra–departmental and intra site / project basis and minutes of meetings of such meetings are sent to the Coordination Committee for their information, assessment, review and necessary action


Detailed cost budget is worked out on the basis of cost center allocated under wood and hardware procurement, carpentry, polishing and civil works heads by our highly experienced team. Each cost budget center is then assigned a budget allocation in terms of time and finance. Then the budget center is identified with each budget head that is expected to collect cost relevant to his Cost Centre and Report variance periodically

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